Chairman  Sir Patrick Sheehy

This website acknowledges the businesses which South London Business Initiative helped support during the years from 1986 to 1996 and the dedication of its staff and sponsors. It was hoped that the work of the SLBI would become an agent of change in promoting the development of the small business sector of the economy.

The SLBI was established in 1986 by Business in the Community and operated for ten years as a small business development centre in South London. During this time the organization was supported by a number of major companies with both finance and pesonnel.

The debate concerning the role of small businesses to the national economy is very active and the purpose of this Website is to record some of the factors which contributed to the training, and support of small business in South London.

The objectives of the Initiatives were as follows:

Underline the factors necessary for the success of a small business including: Premises at affordable rents, favourable council taxes, access to finance at reasonable lending rates

Training and assistance from professionals.

These factors for the success of a small business remain relevant today

This website documents the successes of the organisation and benefits to the local community, anchored by cooperation between large and small business, public authorities and government.