Over its ten year life the company created more than 30 initiatives to support small business development in the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark


These include

  • Accounting Software

As an agent for various software companies this project provided a management accounts system for existing businesses

  • Arches

Development of Railway Arches to increase funding for the YEC and help develop industrial based companies

  • Consultancy

Dr Baker and his team acted as consultants on project appraisal and development work

  • Fashion South

Fashion businesses promoted through an annual Fashion Show

  • IT Work Placement

Unemployed IT persons placed in companies for 12 weeks training and work experience

  • Local Purchasing

Opportunities created for small companies to sell to large plcs. BS5750 accreditation programme provided; Seminars on “How to sell to big businesses”

  • The London Directory of Managed Workspace

A workspace directory to help small businesses to find suitable business space

  • North Peckham Estates

Assisted small businesses on the local estates, and set up a training programme to STTEC standard funded by PEC and developed by the North Peckham Estates project

  • Peckham Enterprise Centre

Provided small business advice, training courses and workspace

  • South London Business

Published a newspaper specifically aimed at the businesses of South London

  • Youth Enterprise Centre

Encouraged the development of successful small businesses run by the under 30s