SLBI publishes the London Directory of Managed Workspace Paperback

SLBI publishes the London Directory of Managed Workspace Paperback in Nov 1992


Directory Details

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Futures Publications (November 1992)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1871131324
ISBN-13: 978-1871131321
Shipping Weight: 503 g


The publication includes details on a number of subjects which we consider relevant to the type of businesses most likely to use managed workspace facilities.

Managed workspace facilities vary widely and the intangible benefits of business centres should always be compared. Moreover, because a number of centres work on short-term lease agreements with three month break clauses the directory highlights in some detail the implications of lease agreements. The rates section outlines restrictions on use of premises. Whilst this is normally catered for in business centres which operate on a licence basis it is important to verify that your activity is a permitted use under the Town & Country Planning Acts for, leased premises.

Insurance is never a major consideration until you find you are not covered, whilst training may give you a competitive edge.

Banking is only important when you need an overdraft or increased loan. National Westminster Bank outlines how you can improve your relationship with your financiers.

Following these articles, there is an alphabetical listing of workspaces, whose entries include address, telephone number, and a contact name. In addition, segregated by London borough, the workspaces are listed alphabetically, highlighting: the range of units available; the type of workspace ie workshop, studio, office or warehouse; whether business services are available; the rent per square foot, minimum to maximum; the terms of notice, in months: the total number of units in the individual complex; and any applicable restrictions.

Some workspace centres specialise in particular types of businesses. This could be, for example, clothing, high technology, motor trade, food or those of a certain age. Where known, these restrictions are shown in the borough listing.

In addition to this workspace listing, don’t forget that letting agents and local authorities can also help.